Spiritual Cinema: Finding Joe on September 9

In the early 20th century, while studying world mythology, Joseph Campbell discovered a pattern hidden in every story ever told and he called it “The Hero’s Journey.” A truly inspirational film, Finding Joe takes us on the ultimate hero’s journey: the journey of self discovery. As you slay dragons and … Continue reading

Our Lady of the Change of Life


Holy Mother of Menopause, is it hot in here, or is it just me? Let’s ponder the mental, physical, and spiritual opportunities of midlife, and sprinkle in some soothing prayer, great conversation, delicious food, relaxing walks, and a dance party! The fee is $30; thermostat adjustments—no charge! To register, email … Continue reading

Prayer for today

  “God of glory, it is easy to place blame on You for the troubles we face. While we struggle to understand the suffering brought about by natural disasters or accidents, help us to remember that You do not directly cause the suffering we feel. Help us to find meaning … Continue reading