“Your Goodness is my Home” – The King’s House Retreat for 2017


The King’s House Quiet Retreat for 2017

quiet-retreat-cover-photo-with-font“Thank you, Holy Father, for your goodness, which from the first moment of your election, to every moment of my life here, has touched my heart,” Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI said to Pope Francis, in a public ceremony on the occasion of his 65th anniversary of Ordination to the Priesthood. “The Vatican Gardens, even for all their beauty, are not my true home: my true home is your goodness. There, I feel protected.”

Inspired by the relationship shared by Pope Francis and his predecessor, King’s House is pleased to announce the theme for the 2017 Retreats:  Your Goodness is My Home.

During our 2017 quiet retreats for men and women we will have the opportunity to explore what this theme means when spoken from different perspectives.

The first evening of retreat will be a simple time of settling in and unpacking at King’s House, our home-away-from-home. The second day features two conferences. The first one, entitled Heart and Hearth, will look at our theme as it is spoken by us to God:  “Your goodness, O God, is my home.” How do we long to find our center and our belonging in God? The second conference will consider our theme from the perspective of God speaking to us.  Entitled Tents and Tabernacles, it will be a time to explore the ways in which God chooses to dwell in our midst by abiding with us, and being dependent or vulnerable upon us. The third and final conference, given on our concluding morning, will look at our theme as spoken to us by others…or by us to others. This conference, entitled Siblings & Strangers, will look at ways in which our abiding with God or God dwelling in us also finds its expression in the ways in which we create home with others.


King’s House invites you to enter into the quiet and hospitality of our center and grounds. Explore a quiet nook to read in; wander along a footpath and enjoy nature; pray together in liturgy; listen for God’s voice in scripture, music, conference presentations and silence. Wherever the retreat takes you, let God be your guide.

Pope Francis always inspires us with the “practicality” of his language, as in this comment of his: “It is my duty to build bridges and to help all men and women, in any way possible, to do the same.”  Hopefully, your retreat at King’s House in 2017 will have practical application in your daily life!


To download the retreat brochure 2017 King’s House Retreat Brochure