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Day of Prayer by Virginia Herbers November 19th, 2022
Saturday, November 19th  9:30 am – 3:00 pm
Total cost of retreat (Lunch included) : $35.00 

“Join us for this day of reflection focusing on a few Gospel characters whose names we will never know—whether it’s the boy with the loaves and fishes, the woman with the hemorrhage, or the ‘good thief’, there are several individuals who interact personally with Jesus and have a significant impact on his ministry—even though we cannot name them.  We will explore a few of these characters, reflecting on what gifts they have to offer us for our own lives of faith and discipleship—here and now.

In writing about “who I am,” I first claim to be a disciple of Christ. Born into a large German-Irish Catholic environment, my faith and my family have been the most influential formators of my life.  I was a religious sister for many years, and now, in addition to my role as Director of Mission Formation at St. Louis University, I also serve as a speaker, spiritual director, author, and advocate for youth who have survived the horrors of sex trafficking.  Tending to the broken Heart of Christ in the wounded members of his body, the People of God, is my life’s calling.

Virginia Herbers – I believe in the power of good, I believe in the moral imperative to do good, and most importantly, I believe that in the end, what will be most lasting in our life history is the good we have done.

My passion is writing and speaking about the intersection of the Christian Gospels and our lived realities.  And also chocolate.

But first, the Gospel.  And the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  I believe there is no more relevant spirituality in today’s world than the spirituality that calls us to live from the Heart.  I believe I am called to make reparation for all the ways we (you, me, all of us) break Christ’s Heart.  And if I am invited to speak, write, or reflect, odds are pretty good that this will be a theme to which I return again.  And again.  And again.

Our world needs the love of Christ.  May that love impel us to approach every person, situation, and circumstance in which we find ourselves with a tender and fierce commitment.

Let us all live gratefully.  Gratitude and grace have the power to transform our world.

Let’s start today.  Together.

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