We hope these items help you spread the word.

Your recruiting packet contains:

  1. Sample bulletin announcements – add your information and give these to the parish bulletin editor two months in advance of the retreat date.
  2. Posters – to hang on the bulletin board. (Input your name, phone number and retreat date)
  3. Previous Retreatants List – people from your parish who attended last year’s retreat.
  4. Registration sheets – to register individuals (return to King’s House by mail, Fax: 618-397-5123, or E-mail: info@kingsretreatcenter.org)
  5. Brochures – describes the 2019 Quiet Retreat program. These may be helpful for new retreatants.

About Registration:

  1. Please send the registration list to King’s House.If you have some names but are waiting for others, it would be better to send the names you already have  
  2. Please indicate anyone that needs assist bars in the bathroom or has special medical/dietary needs.
  3. Retreats are open to EVERYONE – this includes people from other faith traditions. Remember to spread the word throughout the community.
  4. Remind retreatants if they cannot make the scheduled date to please call in advance to schedule a different time.                                                                 

About Your Pastor and Parish Ministers:

Notify your pastor when the retreat date is near.  One of our major goals during the retreat is to explain how important it is to be active in the parish and its ministry. Make sure to:

  1. Ask the pastor for names of new people or groups you can invite to the retreat.
  2. Ask the pastor/spiritual leader to give a personal endorsement of the retreat from the pulpit.
  3. Make sure to post the information in the parish bulletin two months before the retreat.
  4. Also, invite the pastor for Friday evening dinner to enjoy a meal with his parishioners! (Dinner is at 6:15 pm but please be sure to notify us in advance.)


Everyone is invited and should not let financial circumstances keep them from making a retreat!  We use an anonymous envelope system for the retreat fee.

Alana Suchman, our Hospitality and Communications Coordinator, is the main contact for registrations. Please contact the office especially if you need more posters, registration sheets or brochures! Office hours are Monday-Friday 8-4pm but we can also be reached at info@kingsretreatcenter.org.

THANK YOU for your interest and dedication.  We look forward to seeing you!