Mothering Mercy; Enfleshing Peace: Day Of Prayer with Fr. James Alison

Come join us for an Advent Day of Prayer with Fr. James Alison as we ponder with the heart of Mary the Prince of Peace who was “knit together in his mother’s womb” so that God’s Mercy may be born(e) into our world and God’s Peace be enfleshed in our lives. 

Conferences will be conducted via ZOOM, and for those attending this Day of Prayer here at King’s House, Lunch, Advent Vesper service, and 47 acres of beautiful grounds will also grace the day.

Day Of Prayer Thursday December 10, 2020 9am-5pm. Cost for the Day of prayer only: $40.00 including Lunch. Cost for Zoom link $25.00

Call us at 618-397-0584 to register and save your place.

James Alison is a British-born priest, theologian and author. James has spent much of his adult life working through the impact of the thought of René Girard on Christian Theology. This has led him to develop a new paradigm, both fresh and orthodox, for Christianity 101, which he has taught all over the world. The basic resource for this is Jesus the Forgiving Victim  In addition, James is known for having gently but firmly stood up for the way that basic Christianity obviously includes LGBT folk long before that stance became as mainstream as it is now. James has lived in Mexico, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, the US, his native England. He now lives in Madrid, Spain.